The Power Of Video

The power of video marketing

Social Media channels Youtube and Snapchat have been getting a bad rap this last week over violent video views and sharing but I want to tell you a story about when the good side triumphs over the bad.

I don’t watch hours of Youtube, I think it’s a generational thing, I am not interested particularly in dancing dogs, or crimes being committed, or footage that will disturb me more about the cheapness of life.

I watch tutorials about marketing and social media, there’s always something to learn!  

One of my clients has a great learning section of vlogs featuring Industry experts in a sector I am still new to, these are fantastic for me to gain more knowledge into their business. I watch those.

This last week though whilst the media was going mental about the damaging effect of video and Youtube and Snapchat on the lives of our young people, and the horrible reality that its more natural for them to film someone then help. Having children, this social media addiction is disturbing to me, even though I completely appreciate the irony.

Then something magical happened to me.

I got a message through Facebook about an old video tape that has been uploaded to Youtube.

Its my Dad singing in his soul band from 1994 taken off an old VHS tape, I am in it briefly dancing at the front of the stage as a teenager (some things never change!)

Its completely out of the blue as I don’t really remember the particular gig and I never knew there was any recorded footage of the band. I’ve been listening these last few days to my dad singing whilst I work. Through Facebook I’ve been able to find and share it with other band members too.

The thing is my Dad died 8 years ago from Cancer. Literally this video is a voice from beyond the grave, it’s the most heartbreaking but utterly brilliant thing. 

Video is so powerful, such a legacy, in years to come people may watch your video. We are watching more and more of it and it’s unstoppable as a medium. I just hope the joyful stuff wins the viewing battle over the nasty stuff, and that’s a message I am going to keep pushing.  

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