No Pain No Gain!

No Pain No Gain!

Running your own business is knackering, the work life balance is definitely screwed and you have to be pretty self motivated to be your own boss, cheerleader and general dogsbody! There is a definite correlation in my life between exercise and being healthy and doing well in my business. The two things go hand in hand with my motivation and well being.

With this in mind I recently joined a new gym. I have been a member of many different ones over the years and even when not paying for a membership I have kept myself reasonably fit at home and walking the dog.

Gym’s I get bored of, they all tend to get a bit samey and easy. I didn’t have high expectations to be honest although this gym was recommended by a friend.

Its a Cross fit gym and my initial thought’s were “are you out of your mind” those gym’s are for crazy people! But I signed up and started the journey with a seriously friendly bunch of people (& a few human machines of fitness). Much like being in business its not easy, its a challenge and literally every time I go I wonder what the hell they have in store for us, how much it’s going to hurt, and many more questions of a similar nature. In a strange way, being tough it appeals to my nature and more importantly I feel part of that team of people.

I haven’t once dropped out of going as “I was too busy” even when I probably really was! That’s a first for me.

It actually goes to prove that business owners actually share many traits with Athletes: Here’s how.

Athletes Have Confidence

Believing you can do it is half the battle with any goal. Deep down the fear of failure is prevalent in us all. The difference in a top athlete is the ability to suppress their emotions of failure and believe that even in the hard times, they can be and will be the best.

Not selling yourself short is essential, focus on your strengths, write them down.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little pep talk and build your confidence. Think about your goal, and do not give up on it. As you get better, your inner confidence will increase naturally.

Athletes Show Huge Motivation & Commitment

Athletes train every day for hours. They fall down and they get back up. Their performance is micro managed in the most minute detail to ensure the are performing at their peak. They live, breathe and sleep their sport.

It’s easier for the average person to commit a small window on a daily basis. Even 10 minutes towards your goal every day is a small tangible and do’able step towards what you want to achieve. The athlete recognises that they are worth the investment, and so should you.

Athletes Don’t Make Excuses

Everyone is too tired at times, too ill, too busy. The difference between a top athlete and the average person is that an athlete does not allow those excuses to get in the way of their goals.

Don’t be your own worst enemy, change one thing at a time as you work towards your goal.

You are master of your own destiny.

Athletes Want to Win

Athletes practice so much that they can go from being good at something to being great.

They want to be the best so they put in the effort. You can be great too with practice.

Whilst an expert qualification may seem an out of reach goal at first, a foundation level qualification will give you sufficient knowledge and confidence to then review your larger goal at the end.

Just like an athlete, sometimes baby steps are what’s needed on the path to the big win.

Athletes Have Focused Goals

Having focused goals whether it be in sport, life or business, means you have to perform at a consistent level as you will self police yourself against what your mind tells you is great performance. Remind yourself of your goals daily and your strengths.

Athletes Have To Adapt

As sport evolves, new competitors arrive, and old ones improve, the athlete knows they must continually adapt to stay at the top of their game.

Much like the world of work, business practices and skills are evolving constantly and you must, like the athlete recognise the need to brush up on new skills to be the best you can. Think competitively, there are many people out there who are just like you, how can you be better?

Athletes Never Stop Learning

Athletes are constantly reviewed, critiqued and coached. They understand that this is necessary to help their performance. They immerse themselves in learning from mentors, peers and competitors to be the best they can be.

Always wanting to learn and being open to new experiences helps you share the mindset of an athlete. Read, watch, listen to everything you can.

Athletes Aren’t Afraid To Think Big

There is an old saying “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”.

In the Rio Olympics this year, Adam Peaty, the 1st British swimmer to win Gold in the pool for 28 years, divulged he used to be afraid of water when he was a kid.

Winning an Olympic Gold must have seemed like an impossible dream but as a top athlete, he was not afraid to dream big.

Think about what you really want, what’s stopping you getting there?

Sign up for a training course, invest in a life coach, talk to a mentor, make an action plan to get you on your way.

If you always think there’s a plan B, you will never go after plan A, and that’s such a waste.

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